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For All ... Forever...


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Live Shows

Music Mehfil

For auspicious occasions and literary events we have a bouquet of old and new Gujarati songs and ghazals.

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The tradition of garba in Gujarat is basically to praise the ‘ shakti ‘ aspect of the Goddess and to…

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There are several religious schools of thoughts viz. Jain, Swaminarayan, Vaishnav sect etc.

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Ghazal / Mijalas

Right from traditional to progressive and till modern way of expressions in ghazals , we have covered a wide range…

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Indian marriages in general and Gujarati marriages are laden with rituals, traditions and celebrations.

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Theme-Based Programs

There are different theme based programs created with an objective not only to entertain.

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Transfusion Band

Conceived & Created By – Shyamal-Saumil
Enjoy The Music
Dance The Night Away
Experience The Energy
Cherish The Moments and
Create Memories with
Transfusion Band


Transfusion band is a unique and highly successful concept that will invigorate the audience with its* wide range of numbers having great appeal and recall with simple-striking lyrics, catchy-captivating tunes, mind-blowing- melodious music and thumping- throbbing rhythm to keep the mass as well as the class enthralled. The orchestral line-up comprises of keyboards, guitars, brass, drums and various percussion instruments played by top-notch musicians having expertise in ‘World beat’ genre of music.

Upcoming Events

Sugam Sangeet
  • time imageMarch 14, 2020 to March 14, 2020
  • location imageGujarat Vishwakosh Trust, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad

Shri Yashwant Doshi Birthday Year Subject:Editor Shri Yashwant Doshi Speaker: Deepak Mehta Music Presentation: Shri CN During the course of the college, the prayers of Shri Bhailalbhai Shah's Yashwant Doshi were presented by Saumil Munshi, Aarti Munshi and Alpa Shah. Gujarat Vishwakosh Trust, Usmanpura, AhmedabadGujarat Vishwakosh Trust, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad

Our Music Albums are classified in four different categories. Music , for all time which resonates with all age groups is produced under these categories.

CHANCHAL is distinguished by the nimbleness of its content. With energetic and enthralling substance this category is designed especially for young minds and hearts. It comprises verses with verve, vigor and vitality and also some… 
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SHEETAL is a section, which is a priceless collection of lyrics and ghazals – some popular, some prominent, some promising- a category distinguished by an enjoyable flow of poetic and musical expressions. 
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NIRMAL is a section with tranquil and placid music, devotional songs and phrases of worship. It comprises chants and prayers that can make each morning pious and each evening peaceful. 
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KOMAL is a section sharing responsibility towards children. It is an exclusive collection of children songs, rhymes and literature in which facts and fiction are coated with fun and frolic, making information easily assailable. For… 
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A platform through which theme-Based Programs with creative touch are being performed for the members of the forum for last 15 years.

Shabdni Aankhe, Swarni Pankhe Ughadtun Aakash
  • time imageJanuary 25, 2020 to January 25, 2020
  • location image Thakorbhai Desai Hall, Ahmedabad

શબ્દની આંખે, સ્વરની પાંખે ઉઘડતું આકાશ- એક રચનાને અલગ અલગ સ્વરાંકનોથી માણવાનો અવસર

કલાકારો : ગાર્ગી વોરા, પરગી અમર, આરતી મુનશી, એમાં લેખડીઆ , અર્ચિત પાટડિયા અને શ્યામલ-સૌમિલ.

આસ્વાદ : તુષાર શુક્લ

Our Swarsetu News Digest

Swarsetu News Digest is a well written, expertly edited, meticulously designed and impressively printed magazine. It is a Gujarati monthly Magazine dedicated to Art, Culture and Literature. Some well known Writers and Poets of Gujarati Literature write their column. Some popular columns are ‘Raag-Milaap’, ‘Vichartaar’, ‘Kaavya Swad’, ‘ Raag Rang’, ‘Camera Ni Aankhe’ etc. We also give the details of various events with pictures. Newly released book and CDs and DVDs are being reviewed regularly in the column ‘Ranako’ and ‘Granthalaap’. It has become the only platform for art & music lovers to remain ever updated on all the happenings in the field of art, music and Literature.

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