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Theme-Based Programs

Theme-Based Programs

There are different theme-based programs created with the objective of not just to entertain but also to highlight the topics touching our everyday lives. These theme-based programs, very innovative in nature, have been some of the most sought-after programs of Shyamal-Saumil. To name a few, here are few titles that have been glorious successes in the past:

  • Sukhnun Sarnaamun : A program underscoring the importance of joy and bliss in our lives, and taking the audience into a journey of self-discovery.
  • Kanth Ujve Calendar : A program celebrating rich festivals through songs and music.
  • Kuryat Sada Mangalam / Dangalam : A program having two titles: in the first half, the meaningfulness of marriage and the second half, the hilarious repercussions of it.
  • Barmaasi Vaibhav : A performance of epic proportions, filled with musical compositions of celebrated composers and poets, that engage and involve the audience’s participation at every step.
  • Naari Vaalap Ma Vasnari : Programs dedicated to ” Women “. It explores the emotional journey of a woman through the medium of music.
  • Masti Amasti : A program narrating the various types of humour and entertainment.
  • Safalta Nu Sangeet : A program comprising the various attributes of success through music.
  • Swarsaatam No Melo : The cultural highlights of a traditional fair are exhibited in this program through various songs of different folklores and regions.
  • Ek School Halvi Phool : A program that rewinds back the time to the good old school days, where the experiences of various subjects are re-lived through music and humour.
  • Morpichchh : In this program, the songs based on the eternal love of Radha-Krishna, are performed.
  • Jeevan Junction : Using the rails, the trains, the stations,and the platforms as metaphors, the various phases of the journey called “Life” is depicted in this truly beautiful program.

Live Show

Watch the dazzling performance to ” Sukhnu Sarnaamu ” A live Theme-Based Program.