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Swarsetu is a listener’s forum. It started modestly in 2000 with few music lovers and now it has culminated into a dedicated membership of about 1500 members.
The objective behind establishing Swarsetu was to provide a platform for lovers of ‘sugam sangeet’ and ‘kavya sangeet’ to be exposed to new and contemporary poetry while also staying in touch with the old and traditional compositions. It also provides opportunities to new and upcoming poets, singers and musicians, allowing them to exhibit their talent. The audiences in turn stay in tune with their mother tongue and through it, stay in touch with the cultural values of the Gujarati society.

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Shabdni Aankhe, Swarni Pankhe Ughadtun Aakash
  • time image22 Aug to 22 Aug , 1970
  • location image Thakorbhai Desai Hall, Ahmedabad

શબ્દની આંખે, સ્વરની પાંખે ઉઘડતું આકાશ- એક રચનાને અલગ અલગ સ્વરાંકનોથી માણવાનો અવસર

કલાકારો : ગાર્ગી વોરા, પરગી અમર, આરતી મુનશી, એમાં લેખડીઆ , અર્ચિત પાટડિયા અને શ્યામલ-સૌમિલ.

આસ્વાદ : તુષાર શુક્લ